The new album “Transmission Package” will be released soon

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Greetings! This is Producer.P, the not qualified music producer, photo/video editor and software developer. As a participant of “Hatsune Dream Project“, a ‘project’ managed by MikuWallets for supporting amateur Vocaloid producers, I have made some songs for an album (Detailed descriptions about the project is not available in English. Also the project is already closed).

The album includes 3 different songs and 1 additional instrumental track. Album CDs will be sold at Piapro Stars by the staffs of MikuWallets team.

Of course, I am aware of the fact that most English readers are not from South Korea and hesitates to visit the contests overseas due to COVID-19 impacts. Because of that, I am also planning to make the album to be available on Spotify and Apple Music (Release date TBD).

If you want to request any artworks to the artist who drew the cover image, or if you just want to say hello to her, here is her profile. Quick note: she is not good at speaking in English, so you can ask me to be an online translator anytime if you are not capable of speaking in Korean. My email address is

Head of The Pseudoartist Clan

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